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Active Lifestyle : Bicycling

When you ask many adults when was the last time they rode a bike, they cannot remember.  Although cycling is a favorite pastime, many adults do not take advantage of this great way of exercising.  Not only does bike riding exercise the body and build a stronger cardiovascular system, it allows you to get out and enjoy nature, fresh air, and see new sights.

Active Lifestyle : Jogging or Walking

Both jogging and walking are GREAT ways to get fit.  Not only do they tone the muscles, relieve stress, create a healthier heart, and improve lung capability, they make you look wonderful, which encourages you to keep up your fitness regime.

Active Lifestyle : Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to get into and stay in shape.  If you do not own a pool, many high schools have aquatic centers, or there is always the YWCA or YMCA, or your local gym.  Many offer water aerobic classes that will help you tighten your body, lose weight, and get a good overall workout.

Active Lifestyle : Tennis Anyone

Tennis is not only a fun sport, but also a great way to exercise.  You do not have to be a Venus Williams to play; in fact, you do not even have to be good.  Just running after the ball on its own will help get you into shape.  This is a great way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and lose weight.  You can find tennis courts in just about every city and if you would like to play but have no idea how, lessons are reasonable.

Active Lifestyle : Dancing

Dancing is so much fun and whether you enjoy a slow, Ballroom dance or a nightclub packed with people all moving to heart-pumping techno, as long as you are moving, it really does not matter what type of dance or music.  The whole idea is to move your body.  Dancing has long been recommended as an avenue to fitness.

Active Lifestyle : Use Exercise Videos

If you have a VCR or DVD, rather than just using it for your favorite comedy or action-packed movie, try sticking in some good workout tapes.  Even taking 15 minutes every day to workout will get you started.  Try that for two weeks and you will be surprised at the results.  Once you see that 15 minutes a day makes a difference, you will be encouraged to increase the time spent.

Active Lifestyle : Get to the Gym

Working out at home is a good option for some people provided they are committed enough to actually make it work.  However, for the majority of people wanting to get into shape, the inspiration, competitiveness, and encouragement received from working out in a gym is the way to go.  Although it will require a small investment, make the decision to find a gym that offers state-of-the-art equipment, qualified staff, and fun classes where you can enjoy working out.

Active Lifestyle : Tight Muscles

In addition to a good aerobic exercise, you should add weight training which will help balance out the fitness routine and provide you with the best results.  If you are not sure where to start, a professional trainer can help get you started on a healthy program.

Active Lifestyle : Resistance

The next time you work out try adding some resistance to your routine.  You can use special rubber bands or other devices designed specifically as a way to help you with isometrics, thus get better results. With these, you can increase both the number of sets and reps.

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