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Healthy Living : Know Your Limitations

 Take a break when you have to. Overdoing isn't going to help

If you are actively involved in a workout regime but you are getting ready to go on vacation for two weeks or have an extra heavy workload for your job over the next couple of weeks, instead of just stopping your routine completely during that time, just cut back.  Even reducing your workout by 50% will give you the break you need, but also make it much easier to get back to full speed than if you had stopped completely.

Exercise and Summer. Get enough water. Keep out of the sun.

Exercising outdoors can be refreshing and fun but it can also cause problems if you do not follow some simple rules.  Make sure you are drinking enough water, about 16 ounces every 30 minutes, before, during, and after exercise.  Some sports drinks such as PowerAid and GatorAid have special ingredients that help replenish fluids to prevent dehydration.

Be Realistic. Overdoing when your body is exhausted can cause serious damage.

It would be great to be able to jump right into a hard workout, feel great, and see instant results.  However, it is important to be realistic about several things.  First, you need to understand that you more than likely will not (or should not) start out with a hard workout if you have not been in a regular exercise routine.  Start out slow and do not set yourself up for failure by expecting miracles overnight.  Getting fit takes time but, with commitment, you will reach your goals.

Visualise Success.

Try to visualise how great you will look and feel once you get in shape.  If you can, find a picture of someone that has the same body type and pin it up where you can look at it every day to help you see the same results you too can reach with hard work and time.

Know your Age. Overdoing at an older age can set you for serious health problems.

While you are only as old as you feel, keep in mind that young people can very easily leap over an obstacle in the garage or take a nice jog through the neighborhood with no problem.  However, as people age, it is crucial to stay fit and healthy and pay attention to your age.  Something that might have been easy for you when you were young may now cause injury or illness.  If you find you can no longer perform one activity, do not be discouraged; just substitute a different form of exercise.

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