Stop Snoring

Are they any Known Snoring Cures?

Why do you need a cure for snoring? It is not just for the snorer, rather it is for the husbands, the wives, the kids, the nannys, the siblings, the in-laws, and even the neighbors who have found themselves on the receiving end of a chain saw, or a lawn mower, that tended to start at around 10:00pm, and continued - unabated! - Until about 7:00am the following morning. They are as desperate to find a cure for snoring as the snorer himself/herself.  

For such people, trying to fall and stay asleep is not merely an exercise in stress coping; it is an exercise in crisis management!

A snoring cure is very important as the emotional costs of snoring are as severe, or possibly even more severe, as snoring's physical toll.  This is because snoring can lead to a disturbing array of emotional problems, including:

1. Lack of sleep, leading to depression and anxiety
2. Marital breakdown and divorce, due to lack of sleep and lack of empathy (remember, the snoring partner doesn't often know the pain that they are unwittingly causing!)
3. Eviction by a landlord and the resulting humiliation (this may sound funny, but some people have literally been kicked out of their homes because of their snoring!)
4. Warring roommates and neighbors
5. Job loss, due to inability to concentrate and focus (because of sleeplessness)
6. Memory and retention problems due to sleeplessness

And within these problems are a host of painful mental states that infect both the guilty-snorer, and the enraged non-snorer. 

Unless an effective snoring cure is found frustration, anger, feelings of violence, helplessness, desperation, anguish, exhaustion, growing resentment, lack of confidence and self-esteem can make the snorer an emotional wreck.
And let's not forget the millions of non-snorers who drive cars or operate heavy machinery; without a solid night of sleep, some of them can put both themselves and others at risk.

Indeed, the emotional problems associated with snoring are, unfortunately, less discussed; especially since the snorer himself or herself isn't aware that he/she is causing so much unintentional emotional damage!  Yet, as you can easily see the emotional costs can be severe and incalculable. The underlying causes for snoring need to be found and a snoring cure recommended to the snorer.

Different Degrees of Snore-Related Suffering

Ultimately, the point here is not to try and see whether the physical problems associated with snoring are more important, or more devastating, than the emotional problems.  Different people are going to experience different aspects of both levels; and some, unfortunately, are going to experience the worst of both. 

Quite simply, it's enough for us to conclude without question that snoring is one of the most serious health problems in the world; and the notion that it is merely a nighttime inconvenience, or something that can't lead to anything severe or lasting, is just plain incorrect. 

Snoring is a real problem, and hundreds of millions of people around the world - both snorers and non-snorers - would readily agree that a snoring cure is as important to their lives as finding a cure for cancer.

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