Stop Snoring

Snoring Can Be A Serious Problem

Snoring is an indication of the serious underlying damage in the snorer. The damage is far-reaching not just to the snorer but people who share space with him/her. Primarily, snoring has the very real potential of causing health damage to the snorer him or herself. 

This damage can range from relatively mild sleep disturbances, to outright fatal Sleep Apnea  
Then there is the snorer's partner who undergoes a nightly torture of hearing snoring. For these partners snoring must be solved if they want to have peaceful night's sleep.

To those who haven't experienced the true violence of living with snoring imagine sleeping with any of the following devices working
1. An operational lawn mower the really noisy kind.
2. An industrial vacuum cleaner (the kind that picks up nails and glass!)
3. A running motorcycle
4. A passing jet (the kind that wakes up babies, scares cats, and sets off car alarms)
5. An operational chain saw
6. A blender, food processor, or hair dryer (not one; all three at once!)

Remember the Noise is NOT Temporary most of the times. They just go on and on till the snorer wakes up. Imagine, if you can, listening to these sounds all night long; and then you'll have a very real and non-exaggerated sense of what a non-snorer withstands, or tries to withstand, on a nightly basis when attempting to co-exist with a full-time snoring family member.

So in a nutshell for both the snorer and the non-snorer(s), snoring is an extremely serious matter. And, as you can imagine, because of that seriousness, a number of people are desperate to end snoring; either their own snoring, or that of a partner.  And as you can just as easily imagine, that desperation has inspired an array of so-called solutions; some of which are effective and safe, and others that are risky and exploratory. 

Unfortunately, because the problem of snoring is so acute - it's actually fatal in some cases, and you can't get more acute than that! - There exists widespread confusion and misinformation with respect to how to end snoring once and for all.

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